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Our vision is of continual improvement and sustains growth, and a family of workers who are given the best compensation benefits and working conditions in the region. We translate conceptual ideas of our customer into reality and shape them by our technical bend and professional.



Maximum numbers of lots are mixed to get uniform results.Contamination sorters are used to pick up contamination from cotton. Raw cotton is procured from best cotton growing areas to get best quality and results.

The basic purpose of Blow room is to supply small fibre tufts and clean fibre tufts. We have three lines in Blow room section of Trutzschlerconsist of Bale breaker, B-11, Multi mixer, fine opener give good advantages of opening, cleaning and blending.Removal of waste at subsequent beaters improves cotton cleanliness.

Carding is the most important process in spinning. It contributes a lot to the yarn quality. The following process parameters and specifications are to be selected properly to produce a good qualityyarn.We have 22 Trutzschler DK-803 cards. Best quality wire is used for cylinder, doffer, taker-in and flats. Additional stationary flats are installed to reduce IPI Level. We have a very good cleaning and suction system.

Draw frame is a very critical machine in the spinning process. Its influence on quality, especially on evenness is very big. Cherry Hara and DYH-500C are used. In addition to photocells, in-house designed and fabricated Electric Silver stop motion. Wrapping is checked round the clock.

Simplex machine is complicated and deliversa product that is sensitive in both winding and unwinding.Ten Toyoda FL-16 type machines are currently in operation in Simplex sector. Special type of Flyer on machines is installed to get fine quality.

Ring frame Technology is a simple and old technology, but the production and quality requirements atthe present scenario puts in a lot of pressure on the Technologist to select the optimum process parameters and machine parameters, so that a good quality yarn can be produced. 37152(EJM-168)spindles work round the clock at ring section. It is universally applicable that any material can be spun to any required count.SKF PK-255 drafting system is attached on these Ring frames. Air conditioning systems in Ring department maintain the required R.H and temperature in the whole ring department to maintain low hairiness in yarn. Best quality Cots, Apron and Steel rings are used.

We have 15 cone winding machines. We are producing yarn having low level of contamination. Uster are installed on machine which is fully computerized system and helps to determine the yarn fault and produce fine quality. Yarn hairiness is controlled by its special balloon control system.

Our conditioning system is specially designed by our Spinning Engineers. Specially designed duct are used for conditioning of yarn. The yarn is conditioned 24 hours before packing. Enhanced conditioning of yarn increases the strength of yarn. This result in a product which is not only conditioned exceptionally but additionally it helps to decrease the wastage as well.

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